What Brands of Refrigerators Are Made In The USA?

by Bryan McFarland

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“Made in America” has long symbolized pride, skill, and quality.

While most refrigerators used to be made in the USA, it’s been a long time since you’ve seen one on the market.

Many refrigerators are now manufactured in other countries where quality control is not prioritized due to the globalization of refrigerator brands.

While some excellent foreign-made refrigerators are on the market, many are made cheaply with low-quality materials, making them less energy efficient than those made in the United States.

So to broaden your choices, I did some research and discovered a list of high-quality American-made refrigerators.

5 Brands of Refrigerators Made In The USA

If you’re trying to find a fridge made in the U.S.A., here’s a list for you!

  1. General Electric
  2. Whirlpool
  3. Viking
  4. Thermador
  5. Sub-Zero

1. General Electric

General Electric is a famous brand that has been manufacturing refrigerators and other appliances in the USA for more than ten generations since the early 1800s.

Their appliances are known to be dependable and affordable; they serve both the budget and premium refrigerator markets.

GE and refrigerators have always had a close relationship. In fact, the world’s first electric refrigerator was built by GE in 1927 and was called the Monitor-Top. It cost $520, which is around $7000 today.

This refrigerator brand has invested heavily in the United States, building new plants, purchasing advanced equipment and technology, and hiring people with a total budget of over 1 billion dollars.

Here’s a video on the PVD28BYNFS refrigerator by GE, which is one of the most popular in the market nowadays:

2. Whirlpool

It is hard to find a refrigerator that is both reliable and affordable. Whirlpool has managed to do precisely that. They have been manufacturing refrigerators for over 100 years, and they have always been known for their high-quality products.

The company was founded in 1911 in the United States, and the first product it offered was an automatic spinner-type washer in 1948.

In the beginning, the company faced many technical and economic problems, which is typical for refrigerator brands of this nature.

However, they overcame them by ensuring that they were always on top of their game. They also had to make sure that they met their customers’ expectations and exceeded them.

For those who want to get American-made products, the company has grown and prospered because they have delivered on that demand thanks to their factories in Ohio, Tennessee, Iowa, and Oklahoma.

Whirlpool is now a significant producer of refrigerators and kitchen appliances. A wide range of appliances is available from the company, such as kitchen appliances.

To give you an idea, here’s a review about the WRS325SDHZ refrigerator from Whirlpool, which goes to should the quality of the products this North America based company has to offer:


3. Viking Refrigerators

Viking Refrigerators has been in the business of making refrigerators for a long time now. They have a variety of refrigerators designed to suit different needs. They are known for their energy efficiency and ice production capabilities.

Viking refrigerators use the latest technology to ensure that they can be as energy-efficient as possible, which is hard to find in other competing refrigerator brands. And they manufacture their products here in America with American workers!

The Viking product is not just a fridge. It is also a home for food thanks to features such as its spillproof shelves with nanotechnology that create an invisible barrier to contain spills. It also can track and preserve foods.

Our pick for the best Viking refrigerator is the VBI760WLSS which comes with features such as:

  • Digital controls for more convenience
  • Spillproof shelves to make your life easier
  • Best technology in food preservation
  • Two separate freezer drawers

Here’s a closer look at that specific fridge by Viking refrigerators:

4. Thermador Refrigerators

Thermador is an American company that designs, manufactures, and distributes residential kitchen appliances.

Although owned by BSH Hausgerate GmbH (a European company), the company manufactures high-quality refrigerators in California.

It is also proud of its work and wants people to know that quality has never been compromised, so all its products are made in the USA.

So, which Thermador refrigerator do we recommend?

The bottom freezer french door refrigerator model T36BT925NS, with its proprietary “Cool Airflow technology” that ensures an even distribution of cold air to all parts of each shelf, is my pick.

Here’s a video that goes in-depth about this specific model. You might find it helpful:

5. Sub-Zero Refrigerators

You deserve to live without a constant feeling of dread about your food which is why American companies like Sub-Zero refrigerators exist.

Their appliances are the absolute pinnacle of refrigerator design and engineering, with features ranging from dual refrigeration to vacuum seal and air purification.

The company has earned the Energy Star by making highly energy-efficient appliances made of materials such as stainless steel and plastic that can be recycled, which shows the focus they make on sustainability.

Our pick for the best Sub Zero refrigerator is the Pro series 36″ as it comes with dual cooling systems and air purification that ensures the food stays fresh for longer.

Let’s take a closer look:


Comparison Table

Brand NameManufacturing PlaceOur Refrigerator Pick
General ElectricMade in the USAPVD28BYNFS refrigerator
WhirlpoolMade in the USAWRS325SDHZ refrigerator
VikingMade in the USAVBI760WLSS refrigerator
ThermadorMade in the USAT36BT925NS refrigerator
Sub-ZeroMade in the USAPro series 36″ refrigerator

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